October Update!

 Happy Fall! 

So excited to share with you how God has been at work this month. Getting to know some of our new students more deeply has made me increasingly thankful for you and your heart for college students to know Jesus. Our students and I am so profoundly impacted by your generosity and faithfulness, thank you for your partnership! 

Last weekend we had one of our major events for the semester, Fall Camp! This is a 24 hour retreat we take our students on to learn about God and deepen their friendships with one another. The picture above is my core! Most of our girls were able to make it, top row L:R- Precious, Jacie, Lena, Me, Maddie, Homa, bottom row L:R- Briana, Lindsey, Zoe. 

The theme for fall camp this year was "No Other Gospel". This comes straight out of Galatians 1:6- "I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel- which is really no gospel at all." I found this language that Paul uses here super compelling. He seems to be holding the perspective that there are versions of the gospel that really are not the Gospel at all. In the book of Galatians the false gospel Paul was calling out was believing that righteousness could be attained by the law.  

I found this idea super relevant to our students, and myself. We really can be endless alteration factories for the Gospel. Always wanting to add or take away from Jesus' death on the cross. The nuance we try and add to the simple truth of the Gospel is rarely to better accept God's great love for us. 

I wanted to share some other pictures from fall camp and talk about a few specific students! 

This is Kodi and Sarah, (and me lol) they are two of our first time student leaders this year! Be in prayer for them as they learn how to navigate leadership. Pray they believe the Gospel, and constantly rest on it as they learn how to lead people to it. 

This is Precious! She is a freshman at UTA this year, and every week we get to study the bible together. Be praying for her as she learns to follow Jesus boldly and be open with community. Pray she lets the Gospel sink deeply into her heart and mind. 

This is Lindsey, she is a sophomore in my core this year! Be praying for her as she learns how to follow Jesus. Pray the Gospel radically changes her life this year. 

This is Alisa and Laurel, they are two of our returning student leaders that I meet with every week! They are both such a gift to me and to the young women in our ministry. Pray that they would continue to pursue the truth of the Gospel fiercely and continue to be diligent in leading other people to it. 

These are all faces who have been impacted by you, your prayers, and generosity. Thank you for having a heart that looks like Jesus to them. 

Looking forward to sharing next month with you, 

Love Sophie 


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