End of Year Two


Alisa and Sonnie at the first Summer FOCUS! 

The Beginning of Summer!

The month of May was so packed and full of wrapping up the school year and transitioning into summer. Summer is seriously one of my favorite times of the school year because all our campuses get to meet together every week and do Summer FOCUS! It is almost like a mini winter camp every week. I love getting to see our students connect with people from other campuses. It is really powerful to see them all together. Such a good reminder that God is doing something way beyond us as individuals and way beyond our specific campus. 

This was the first Summer FOCUS!

The End of Year Two: 

My second year working as a campus missionary has come to a close. I am incredibly thankful for you and your consistent sacrificial partnership. You are such a huge part of what God is doing in the lives of college students. So I wanted you to hear from them. Here is a collection of thank you notes from a few of the girls I have spent time with this year. I want you to really hear them thanking you, you have played such a pivotal role in their lives this year. Thank you for your heart for them!! 

Thank you!! 

"Focus has had a major impact on my life and my relationship with God. College is tough but I’ve been given such a wonderful community, pastors like Sophie, and sweet friends that I get to share my life with and glorify God together!! I’m so grateful for those who support our ministry and pastors like Sophie, as she continues to be a light in my life and so many students as we grow in the Lord and reach those don’t yet know him. I wish every campus ministry had a Sophie!" 
- Kyndal

"I would like to say thank you to people who support one of my favorite people in the world. Sophie has a been a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration to be around during my college years. Your contribution has given her this fantastic opportunity to spread her light to other students on campus, so I would like to sincerely say thank you once again." 
"I am so beyond thankful for Sophie and the role of a friend and mentor that she has played in my life. She has taught me what it looks like to be intentional with how I spend my time with God and to dig deep into what I’m passionate about. Your help as a supporter has been so influential in the spiritual development of so many college students and I cannot say thank you enough!"
- Laurel 

"Thank you so much for supporting my campus pastor Sophie! She truly is such a light in our ministry and always has mine and everyone’s best interest at heart. She is such a woman of God and has helped me, and I’m sure many others, grow so much in my faith. I love her so much so thank you so much for supporting her!" 
- Zoe 

"Thank you for allowing Jesus to be made known on our campus! I have been deeply impacted by this ministry and our staff. They push me to look more like Jesus and remind me that I am known and loved everyday."
- Lizzy 
"Hi! Thank you so much for supporting Sophie and our ministry Focus this year! As a first year student, I felt excited and scared to meet new people, but I was welcomed into a community of believers through Focus before school even started! Meeting weekly with campus pastors, like Sophie, has challenged, encouraged, and pushed me to grow deeper and invest more into my relationship with God and what it means to fully pursue Him and His kingdom. I’ve gotten to make some amazing friends and have grown a lot through this discipleship, so thank you again for supporting Focus!" 
- Sarah
"I’m a student here at UTA, involved in focus! I want to thank you for supporting Sophie in ministry! Because of your generosity, I have the privilege of meeting with Sophie weekly! We are going into our third year of meeting up and I can’t explain what a blessing it’s been! God has used Sophie in tremendous ways in my life to show me more of the heart that God has for me, to encourage me, and to challenge me in so many ways! Thank you for supporting Sophie so students like me can grow into mature disciples of Jesus!"
- Alisa
“The campus pastors for FOCUS have truly changed how i’ve looked at college ministry, with how inviting they are to get to know you personally. they open up their schedules to devote to your relationship with them as well as with Jesus. They’re knowledgeable and nonjudgmental when it comes to questions about the Bible. Thank you for making it possible for me to experience this by providing for our campus pastors to be on campus!” 
- Jacie
“Throughout my time knowing Sophie she has without a doubt impacted my life as a campus pastor in so many ways. Sophie is such a caring, supportive, and inspiring woman to not only to me but to other students as well. She is constantly displaying the numerous characteristics of God and it’s definitely contagious. Thank you never goes without saying, and to those who support Sophie in her ministry, thank you. Not only for your support, but also for your love of campus ministry and the spread of the good news.”
- Sam

These are all students I got to spend time with this year. Your generosity and faithfulness has left a profound impact on both myself and them. THANK YOU!! I hope you can take all these thank you's from these students and myself to heart. God did profound things this year. Students came to know and be known by the living God, became empowered to be disciples and disciple those around them, and became freed by the good news of Jesus. Thank you for being a huge part of this year! 

Fundraising Update: 

Just wanted to update you all that I am so close to my goal for this upcoming school year! I only have about $3600 total left to raise, please be praying for God to send people my way to provide for this remaining portion. If you know anyone who would be encouraged to hear about what God is doing on the college campus, please connect me with them. 

Until next month, 



  1. Hey Sophie! I love hearing from all these ladies that you've been meeting up with. It's so encouraging to hear what God has been doing this past year at UTA. I know the summer season is very different from the school year, and I'm praying it's a successful fundraising time for you!

    1. Thank you Kelly!! I'm glad you enjoyed the update, so grateful for you!


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